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Urgent: Please act now! District administration attacked the peaceful demonstration of workers in Gorakhpur, leaders arrested

District administration today attacked the peaceful demonstration of workers in Gorakhpur, leaders arrested 


The district administration today attacked the peaceful demonstration of workers in Gorakhpur who were proceeding to the Divisional Commissioner's office to start a Mazdoor Satyagrah to demand justice in the case of firing on workers injuring 19 workers and a girl student.
Around 800 workers, including a number of women workers, had assembled in the FCI ground near the Bargadwa industrial area in Gorakhpur for the program announced and intimated to the officials 4 days before. As soon as they tried to proceed they were stopped by lathi (cane) wielding policemen and two of their leaders Prashant and Shweta were arrested. When the procession went ahead the police charged them with lathis and water cannons. 
The workers are trying to regroup after every attack and are slowly but resolutely proceeding towards the commissioner's office. The workers have decided to stage a sit-in at the commissioner's office till their demands are met. The situation is tense and the adamant attitude of the officials may may lead to further violence from the administration.
We will try to keep you updated of any new developments. Please call on these numbers and ask the Gorakhpur officials to stop the repression immediately and listen to workers' demands:

Div. Commissioner, Gkp, Mr K. Ravindra Nair: 09454400207
District Masgistrate, AK Shukla: 09454417544
DIG: 09454417500
City Magistrate, JK Singh: 09454416213

Office of the Commissioner
Collectrate, Gorakhpur - 273001
0551 - 2338817 (Fax)

Gorakhpur (0551)      
Divisional Commissioner
2333076/2335238 (off)
2336022 (Res)
2338817 (Fax) 

District Magistrate                              
Office of the District Magistrate
Collectrate, Gorakhpur - 273001
0551 - 2334569 (Fax)

City Magistrate: J.K. Singh

Dy Inspector General of Police         
Cantt., Gorakhpur:
0551 - 2201187 / 2333442

DLC, S.P. Shukla 
Labour Office, Civil Lines, Gorakhpur-273001


Governor, BL Joshi
Raj Bhavan, Lucknow-226001
0522-2220331, 2236992, 2220494
Fax: 0522-2223892
Special Secretary to Governor: 0522-2236113

Km. Mayawati,
Chief Minister
Fifth Floor, Secretariat Annexe
0522 - 2235733, 2239234 (Fax)
0522 - 2236181, 2239296, 2215501 (Office)
0522 - 2236838 2236985 (Res)

Shri Badshah Singh :                         
Labour Minister,  Department of Labour
Secretariat , Lucknow
0522 - 2238925 (Fax)

Deepak Kumar Singh
Home Secretary

Principal Secretary, Labour               
Department of Labour
Secretariat, Lucknow - 226001
0522 - 2237831 (Fax)

Anand Kumar Singh
joint secretary

Gorakhpur (0551)      
Divisional Commissioner
2333076, 2335238 (off)
2336022 (Res)

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