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About 100 workers including women workers arrested, after second round of lathicharge in GORAKHPUR

The brutal crackdown on workers continues in Gorakhpur. The workers peacefully agitating for justice in the case of firing on workers were lathicharged and attacked with water cannons when they tried to proceed to the commissioner’s office.

The workers dispersed and tried to get to the collectorate in small groups but the police were searching on all routes and stopped a large number of workers en route.

Still at least 200 workers managed to reached the collectorate where they were attacked by the PAC and at least 100 were taken away by them including 20-25 women. One of them is workers' leader who was beaten up by police and administration in 2009, among others, during workers movement. He had a heart problem but after request by other people arrested they beat him up brutally. Today one college student has also been arrested, her only crime was to stand by the workers' demand.

The workers are trying to regroup after every attack and are slowly but resolutely proceeding towards the commissioner's office. The workers have decided to stage a sit-in at the commissioner's office till their demands are met. The situation is tense and the adamant attitude of the officials may may lead to further violence from the administration.

We will try to keep you updated of any new developments. Please call on these numbers and ask the Gorakhpur officials to stop the repression immediately and listen to workers' demands:
About 100 workers including women workers arrested, after second round of lathicharge.

Div. Commissioner, Gkp, Mr K. Ravindra Nair: 09454400207
District Masgistrate, AK Shukla: 09454417544
DIG: 09454417500
City Magistrate, JK Singh: 09454416213

Please raise your voice against repression, lathicharge and arrests. These are the email ids of Chief Minister, Governer, Commissioner, District Magistrate, ADM City and other officials: hgovup@up.nic.in, cmup@nic.in ; commgor@up.nic.in; digrgkr@up.nic.in ; dmgor@nic.in ; laborweb@nic.in ; covdnhrc@nic.in ; sgnhrc@nic.in ; secup.labor@up.nic.in ;cprabhat@ias.nic.in ; ssecup.labour@up.nic.in ; uphrclko@yahoo.co.in

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